Web Development

Creating Drupal Module

    Here is a sample Drupal module that will enable us to add and display Student Information.
  1. Create the student.info file
  2. ; $Id$
    name = Student Module
    description = A sample Drupal module.
    core = 6.x

  3. Create the student.install file
  4. <?php
    // $Id$
     * Implementation of hook_schema()
    function student_schema()
        $schema['student_info'] = array(
            'description' => 'Student Information',
            'fields' => array(
                'id' => array(
                    'description' => 'The primary identifier for student_info.',
                    'type' => 'serial',
                    'unsigned' => TRUE,
                    'not null' => TRUE),
                'student_id' => array(
                    'description' => 'Student ID Number',
                    'type' => 'varchar',

Rearranging and Changing the Look and Feel of your Drupal site

  1. To change the appearance of your site, click Administer -> Site building -> Themes.
  2. Drupal Theme - Drupal Seminar by Rommel Laranjo

    The default theme used by Drupal is Garland and you only have 6 available themes by default. To add new theme to your site you can choose and download Drupal themes at http://drupal.org/project/themes and extract this new theme to drive:\your\wamp\www\sites\all\themes\. To choose a new theme for your site, check the Enabled checkbox, select the Default radio button of the theme that you want and then click the Save configuration button to apply the new setting.

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