Protecting your Perimeter Part I - IPTABLES

This article will be my first in a series of articles about network security. I decided to write this article about iptables while it is still fresh from my memory. This is intended for beginners who wish to get familiar with the basics of Iptables(like me) and some basic concepts in creating a network firewall.

What is Iptables?

Iptables is a program in Linux that is used to setup, maintain and inspect IPv4 packet filter rules. For IPv6 traffic, there is also an Ip6tables program that can be used to inspect IPv6 packet filter rules. Since IPv4 address is already almost depleted, I find it very important to give examples in both IPv4 and IPv6 packet filtering.

Recovering Linux after Re-installing Windows

Recovering Linux after Re-installing WindowsDual-booting is a technique used in order install two working Operating Systems in your computer. Multi-booting on the other hand refers to installing two or more OS. This is pretty useful when you have certain work requirements that can't be done in one OS and it can be only done on the other. Say for example, you are using primarily Linux Operating System but in your line of work, you are required to create a sample client application in CSharp. So you need to have a computer that runs on Windows OS to code your CSharp application. Or, let's just say you want to experience or experiment on using other Operating Systems.

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