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Mercado: Hear that whistle?

Cebu Headlines - 7 hours 9 min ago

WE MARK All Souls’ Day next Sunday. Rites of recalling our departed vary from offering of mass to cramming cemeteries studded with two-day-long garish electric bulbs.

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Cabaero: The living dummy

Cebu Headlines - 7 hours 13 min ago

IT'S Halloween week and horror stories are coming out about the dead, undead and the living dead.

The dead are those who have passed on, the undead are dead people who think they are alive, and the living dead are zombies who mindlessly, and without mind-body coordination, go after those who are alive to eat them or suck the life out of them.

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Lim: Ill but happy?

Cebu Headlines - 7 hours 16 min ago

A RECENT Sun Life Financial Asia study reveals that Filipinos are among the unhealthiest in Asia. The study which covers eight markets across the Asia Pacific region shows that the Philippines has the highest levels of family history of chronic illness as well as preventable medical conditions.

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Tabada: Layers of fiction

Cebu Headlines - 7 hours 17 min ago

WHAT must it have been for the family of Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton
when they first heard the news?

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Tell it to Sunstar: Anti-political dynasty bill

Cebu Headlines - 7 hours 22 min ago

IF there’s one thing that we should learn about the ongoing Senate Blue Ribbon sub-committee investigation on the allegedly overpriced P2.3-billion Makati City parking building and other related anomalies, it is that “absolute power corrupts absolutely” and that political dynasties breeds corruption.

There’s no denying that in places where the political landscape is held uncontested by select families, the doctrine of checks and balances are lost in the system–more particularly to hunger and greed for power and money.

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Binay fails to show up at Cabinet performance commitment session

Breaking News - 8 hours 23 min ago
MANILA, Philippines---Vice President Jejomar Binay was a no-show at the Cabinet Performance Pledge session called by President Benigno Aquino last Thursday, but Malacaang saw nothing wrong with it.   Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said Saturday that other Cabinet members were also unable to attend the session, adding those officials should not be singled out for their absence.   Aquino asked his Cabinet officials to sign personal "performance commitment contracts" pledging to achieve their departments' programs within the last 20 months of his administration.   The commitment contracts, practiced by the Singaporean and Malaysian governme...

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Comelec sets satellite registration for indigenous people

Breaking News - 8 hours 38 min ago
MANILA, Philippines--The satellite registration for Indigenous Peopleswill start on Sunday (October 26) in Bukidnon, the Commission on Election (Comelec) announced on Saturday.   The Comelec said members of the Manobo and Matigsalug groups can register at their assigned area in Barangay Sunida, Kitaotao town. Registration will be from October 26 to 28, 2014.   The T'boli and B'laan groups of South Cotabato can register onOct. 27 to 28 in Sitio Datal Tablo, Brgy. Maan, T'boli in South Cotabato, the Comelec also said.   The full schedule:   Subanen group of Zamboanga del Norte,October 27 and 28,Brgy. Serongan andBrgy Palaranan,Manukan town. ...

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SC activates site for audio live streaming of oral arguments on PH-US defense pact

Breaking News - 8 hours 47 min ago
MANILA, Philippines---The Supreme Court has launched an online service that will allow the public to follow the upcoming oral arguments on the Philippines-United States Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (Edca), a highly anticipated event in light of renewed calls for a renegotiation, if not outright abrogation, of military agreements between the two countries.   The high court on Friday activated within its Website a microsite for the Nov. 18 oral arguments on the Edca, uploading both petitions questioning the constitutionality of the agreement, and the Aquino administration's consolidated comment on the legal actions.   The microsite (http://sc.judiciary.g...

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MMDA impounds Uber car

Breaking News - 8 hours 48 min ago
MANILA, Philippines---With a controversial cloud hovering over transport service Uber, one netizen just got even more confused.   A certain Sean Dalawampu posted on Twitter that his Uber car, which he fetched through the Uber app, got flagged down and was impounded after making a right turn on a red signal at Edsa corner Ayala avenue at around 1 a.m. Saturday.   He said a couple of enforcers of the Metropolitan Manila Development Agency were the ones who impounded the Mitsubishi Mirage that was under Uber.   Dalawampu added that the initial violation was right turn on a red light but when the MMDA enforcers knew that the car was under Uber, it was ordered...

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House seen passing 2015 budget by Wednesday

Breaking News - 8 hours 49 min ago
MANILA, Philippines---The House of Representatives is expected to approve within the next few days a 2015 national budget reflecting changes introduced at the last minute by the Department of Budget and Management, such as "realignments within department or agency budgets."   Appropriations committee chair Isidro Ungab admitted Friday that the DBM had actually resubmitted 100 pages of "errata" to the proposed P2.606-trillion national expenditure program that had been withdrawn by the agency last month after the chamber passed the proposed budget on second reading.   He said the DBM again submitted its proposed changes to the small committee formed on the plenary...

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Slaughter, Aguilar too much as Ginebra whips Pacquiao-less Kia

Breaking News - 9 hours 6 min ago
MANILA, Philippines -- Nearly a week after blowing out an old rival, Barangay Ginebra San Miguel ripped new team Kia, 87-55, in the 2015 PBA Philippine Cup Saturday at the Quezon Convention Center in Lucena, Quezon Province. The Kings banked on a blistering 24-2 run in the second quarter to take a 43-22 lead at the half. Ginebra never relented as it kept its foot on the gas pedal in the third quarter. Jayjay Helterbrand made a 3-pointer before Chris Ellis knocked down a jumper that pushed the Kings' lead to 27, 67-40, with a minute left in the third period. Greg Slaughter and Japeth Aguilar couldn't be contained as the Sorento just didn't have the size upfront to stand a ...

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Clashes in northern Lebanon kill 1, wound 13

Breaking News - 9 hours 11 min ago
BEIRUT---Lebanese troops battled Islamic militants in the northern city of Tripoli for a second day Saturday, with one person killed and 13 wounded in the clashes, the Lebanese army and state media said. An army statement said troops have surrounded the gunmen in Tripoli's old market and are trying to detain them. The clashes in Lebanon's second largest city began Friday night, and on Saturday residents said they could hear gunfire and sporadic explosions. The fighting came after troops killed three militants and detained a local leader in a raid in the northern Dinniyeh region. One of the three killed was Abdul-Qadir Akkoumi, a Lebanese soldier who announced in a video release...

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Of black species and Halloween

Cebu Headlines - 9 hours 34 min ago

IT'S that time of the year again—black motifs, Jack O’ Lanterns and all things Halloween. As a tradition, the western feast (a contraction of “All Hallows’ Evening”) on Oct. 31 is mounted annually to remember the dead, saints and everything ghostly in between.

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Singlestalk: Where’s the point?

Cebu Headlines - 9 hours 36 min ago

Darwin John Moises and Michelle Mendez-Palmares

Michelle: Yes, you got the question right. It saddened me when I heard that someone I know, who recently got married, is thinking of ending it. She is firm in her decision not to go back to her husband, who is also not making any effort to win her back.

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Luab: We were born for a purpose

Cebu Headlines - 9 hours 39 min ago

MY children tease me mercilessly when they see me hurt. “Mommy, it’s your fault, you open yourself to hurt by being so open, by being so loving. You even spoil us!” These words were spoken by my youngest daughter who is now a mother of three beautiful children.

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Women’s world: Getting married for love or just convenience?

Cebu Headlines - 9 hours 41 min ago

Dr. Dana Ruiz-Sesante, Cindy Ruiz Garaña, R.N.

DEAR Cindy,

I’m working as a nursemaid to an only child (a daughter) and at the same time I’m in my junior year in college. For three years everything went fine until an older brother of the mother of my charge came to visit. When he met me, he immediately told his sister that he would marry me—just like that!

It became the joke of the house. At first, I laughed with them when they would match me with him. But after a while, it wasn’t funny anymore because he really seemed serious.

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Easy and overlooked ways to lose weight: Part 2

Cebu Headlines - 9 hours 47 min ago

Pio Solo
Fitness station

WE SAID that losing weight is difficult, if you rely on sheer willpower. We must lose weight by design if we want to make the process more efficient.

Last week, we talked about moving healthier foods to visible areas, making sure that tempting food is out of sight, de-cluttering the kitchen and making the kitchen less friendly for lounging. Here’s more.

Rethink big packages

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Comelec urges Filipinos to ensure dead relatives are off voters’ list

Breaking News - 10 hours 26 min ago
MANILA, Philippines---As the nation prepares to mark All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, the Commission on Elections is asking the public to help ensure that its voter list contains only the names of the living.   "We need the assistance of the public in determining if their dearly departed are still in the list of voters," Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez said in a statement.   Jimenez said that by using the Precinct Finder on the Comelec website www.comelec.gov.ph, the public may check if their dead relatives are still on the list of registered voters.   "Please verify the registration status of your dearly departed loved ones using the Precinct F...

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Number of Islamic extremists growing in Germany

Breaking News - 10 hours 30 min ago
BERLIN, Germany---The head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency says the number of Islamic extremists in the country is growing rapidly. Hans-Georg Maassen says his agency estimates that some 6,300 people in Germany are adherents of a fundamentalist strain of Islam known as Salafism. Maassen told rbb-Inforadio in an interview broadcast Saturday that the number of Salafis could rise to 7,000 by the end of the year, compared to about 3,800 three years ago. He says extremist strands of Islam provide disaffected young people with a sense of belonging and purpose that allows them to hope they'll go "from being underdogs to top dogs." Authorities estimate that some 450 Sal...

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After apologizing, Laude’s boyfriend leaving PH

Breaking News - 10 hours 33 min ago
OLONGAPO CITY, Zambales -- Marc Sueselbeck, boyfriend of slain transgender woman Jeffrey "Jennifer" Laude, is leaving the country on Sunday, free of any legal obstacle -- or so his lawyer said. Sueselbeck has apologized to a government official for breaching security at Camp Aquinaldo, where Laude's suspected killer is detained, said lawyer Harry Roque, counsel of the Laude family. Television footage and newspaper photographs showed Sueselbeck and Laude's sister, Marilou, climbing over a fence near a joint Philippine-American facility where US Marine Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton is detained. Footage also showed Sueselbeck pushing a military guard, who blocked h...

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