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Moving Drupal forward at Europe's biggest warm water lake

Drupal Fire - Mon, 08/18/2014 - 22:08

Gábor Hojtsy (via DrupalFire)

Drupalaton 2014 was amazing. I got involved pretty late in the organization when we added sprinting capacity on all four days, but I must say doing that was well worth it. While the pre-planned schedule of the event focused on longer full day and half day workshops on business English, automation, rules, commerce, multilingual, etc. the sprint was thriving with backend developer luminaries such as Wim Leers, dawehner, fago, swentel, pfrennsen, dasjo as well as sizable frontend crew such as mortendk, lewisnyman, rteijeiro, emmamaria, etc. This setup allowed us to work on a very wide range of issues.

The list of 70+ issues we worked on shows our work on the drupal.org infrastructure, numerous frontend issues to clean up Drupal's markup, important performance problems, several release critical issues and significant work on all three non-postponed beta blockers at the time.

Drupalers "shipped" from port to port; Photo by TCPhoto

Our coordinated timing with the TCDrupal sprints really helped in working on some of the same issues together. We successfully closed one of the beta blockers shortly after the sprint thanks to coordinated efforts between the two events.

Our list of issues also shows the success of the Rules training on the first day in bringing new people in to porting Rules components, as well as work on other important contributed modules: fixing issues with the Git deploy module's Drupal 8 port and work on the Drupal 8 version of CAPTCHA.

Thanks to the organizers, the sponsors of the event including the Drupal Association Community Cultivation Grants program for enabling us to have some of the most important Drupal developers work together on pressing issues, eat healthy and have fun on the way.

Ps. There is never a lack of opportunity to work with these amazing people. Several days of sprints are coming up around DrupalCon Amsterdam in a little over a month! The weekend sprint locations before/after the DrupalCon days are also really cool! See you there!

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Frontend roundup: DrupalCon Amsterdam

Drupal Fire - Fri, 08/15/2014 - 21:50

Four Kitchens (via DrupalFire)

As many of you might know, I am now on the other side of the pond, so I’ve paid extra attention to the DrupalCon Amsterdam schedule as it has been coming together. I want to highlight a few frontend goodies that I’m particularly excited to see.






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36 Flat Apps Icons

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Fri, 08/15/2014 - 21:21

“You need apps, apps need icons, that’s why our friends at Vecteezy put together another highly useful freebie: 36 Flat Apps Icons. Check here their full list of icons.

Clocks, agendas, batteries, cameras, wi-fi connections, “you’ve got mail”, games, “boxes”, and other “essentials” and “basics”, activities and features alike, have one or more cool flat icon attached to them, and you can find them all in this pack. The icons come in various shapes and sizes, all lavishly coloured.

 You may also like:

This collection of flat apps icons includes a PNG file, a PSD file, AI formats and EPS files.

The ZIP file can be downloaded for free HERE.

Flat Apps Drop shadow Icons [One Attachment] Flat Apps Drop shadow Icons [.AI] Flat Apps Drop shadow Icons [.PNG] Flat Apps Drop shadow Icons [.PSD] Flat Apps Drop shadow Icons [.EPS]

The pack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Review its terms before use and credit “Vecteezy.com” as the original designer.

Thank you!

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Inspiring App Dashboard Design Examples

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Fri, 08/15/2014 - 04:47

The dashboard is an aesthetic display of the most important information that should attain several goals; consolidated and organized on a friendly display so the most important details can be viewed at a glance. Live visual dashboards are the graphic displays which consist of graphic indicators, maps and charts. All these indicators, maps and charts are the live objects, The live object is an infographic image which changes its appearance according to the change of data in the external file. The visual dashboards visualize actual data from the external data sources. It really helps us to evaluate the correct information, allowing us to take correct decisions and take necessary urgent actions. You can use visual dashboard for any aspect of human activity to show the actual information and easily understandable graphic indicators. For example, you can display statistics of your project using live indicators or you can show a performance metrics using gauges and meters. To display consecutive data series, you can use different charts, such as a line chart, pie chart, or column chart.

When all is done, not all the Dashboards are being produced equally. There are some Dashboards that stand out for their vibrant and flexible experience in many ways. Not all of these Dashboards are just vibrant and colorful, however they are easy to use and useful for control management, it takes on a whole new level. These versatile user friendly Dashboards allow admins to take correct decisions with the help of comprehensive statistics and charts. So, today we are going to showcase the most inspiring and beautiful Dashboard Designs for you.

App Dashboard Design Examples Web-Store Dashboard

Dashboard design

SpacePro Dashboard


Admin Dashboard UI Design

Summer Date Idea

Dashboard – Nitrux

social user dashboard

Concept of dashboard


Internal Portal Design

Webapp dashboard

Dashboard Design

My dashboard

Dashboard UI Design PSD

Smart Dashboard UI design

PrasastiEnom – PSD Dashboard / Webapp Template

Wunderpass Dashboard

Simplest V2 – A flat & simple application

Customer Care UI / User Experience

Panels Dashboard

PhotoLytics Dashboard UI by Balraj Chana

ReactiveDash – Admin Dashboard Free PSD

Attractive Web Concept for Loan Industry | Finance UX

Etherapi Dashboard

Udemy Online Learning Course Dashboard

App – Optimise

Bootmin | Responsive Admin Dashboard

Dashboard UI elements

Freebies PSD Dashboard



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Drupal 7 Form API: Using #states with multiple conditionals (AND, OR and XOR)

Drupal Fire - Fri, 08/15/2014 - 02:53

Metal Toad Media (via DrupalFire)

I've been playing with D7 forms lately and have found #states to be somewhat challenging due to lack of documentation on Form API page.
I've poked around a bit and decided to write a blog with my findings in case someone else is in need of this info down the road.
If you are looking for a robust solution for conditional fields, I would suggest looking into conditional fields or a more lightweight approach field conditional states (thanks for the comment Arjan and rooby).

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Drupal.com refresh launched

Drupal Fire - Fri, 08/15/2014 - 01:52

Dries Buytaert (via DrupalFire)

Topic: Drupal

Back in the early days of Drupal, Drupal.com looked like this:

Drupal.com as launched in 2005.

On August 14 2009, I relaunched Drupal.com to replace the oh-so-embarrassing placeholder page. The 2009 re-launch turned Drupal.com into a better spotlight for Drupal. It wasn't hard to beat the white page with a Druplicon logo.

Drupal.com as launched in 2009.

What was a good spotlight five years ago though is no longer a good spotlight today. Five years later, Drupal.com didn't do Drupal justice. It didn't really explain what Drupal is, what you can use Drupal for, and more. Along with sub-optimal content, the site wasn't optimized for mobile use either.

Today, exactly five years later to the day, I'm excited to announce that I relaunched Drupal.com again:

Redesigning Drupal.com to make it more useful and current has been one of my New Year's resolutions for a number of years now. And as of today, I can finally strike that off my list.

The new Drupal.com has become richer in its content; you'll find a bit more information about Drupal to help people understand what Drupal is all about and how to get started with Drupal. On a desktop, on a tablet, on a phone, the site has become much easier to navigate and read.

I believe the new Drupal.com is a much better, more relevant showcase for Drupal. The goal is to update the site more regularly and to keep adding to it. My next step is to add more use cases and to include short demo videos of both the Drupal backend as well as the showcases. Drupal.com will become an increasingly helpful resource and starting point for people who are evaluating Drupal.

The changes are not limited to content and look; Drupal.com also has a new engine as the site was upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 alpha (don't try this at home). We're using Drupal 8 to push the boundaries of site building and responsive design and to uncover bugs and usability issues with Drupal 8. Because we're using an alpha version of Drupal 8, things might not function perfectly yet. We’d still love to hear feedback from designers and front end developers on how it’s working.

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All the multilingual happenings at DrupalCon Amsterdam

Drupal Fire - Thu, 08/14/2014 - 21:51

Gábor Hojtsy (via DrupalFire)

DrupalCon Amsterdam is coming up in just a few weeks and it is full of opportunities to learn about and get all your questions answered when it comes to multilingual Drupal. What's better, you can get involved making things happen and learn from those implementing the features firsthand. Here are my picks:

Multilingual Drupal 8 site building and programming

  • There is no excuse to not attend some of the sprints at and around DrupalCon. Sprints start two days ahead of the start of the conference on Saturday the week before. And there are still sprints going on the Sunday after the conference. It is not just the last day of DrupalCon itself where you can get involved and make a difference. In fact the leads are actually focusing more on the sprint on the weekend days. Also the weekend sprints are in a really cool venue. The best way to learn is to do!
  • You are looking for more of a directed guide of Drupal 8 still with the possibility to do it all hands-on? Look no further than the Drupal 8 multilingual hands-on lab presented by Aimee Degnan of Hook42 and myself from Acquia. The schedule info is a bit misleading, this session spans two timeslots and lasts two hours. Bring your laptop with Drupal 8 freshly installed!
  • Dive deeper into the APIs of Drupal 8! Francesco Placella from Tag1 presents Multilingual Content in D8: a Highly Evolved Permutated API showing how to code with the new system. While not strictly multilingual, in Field API is dead. Long live Entity Field API! swentel, yched and amateescu show how the most essential content element storage system changed and this is full of multilingual support of course.

Multilingual Drupal 7 site building and programming

Moving localize.drupal.org forward

The localize.drupal.org site seriously needs people who care about it enough to devote time to maintaining and fixing bugs. I set up one more BoF to gather people interesting in the well-being of this site titled We love localize.drupal.org. We need to upgrade to Drupal 7, support the whole range of new Drupal 8 APIs, drastically improve performance and then get new features going.

These are all the multilingual pieces that I collected. There may still be more, BoF scheduling just started and I may have missed a session or two. Let us know in the comments what other great events happen around multilingual Drupal. See you in Amsterdam!

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Amazon invests in Acquia

Drupal Fire - Wed, 08/13/2014 - 23:46

Dries Buytaert (via DrupalFire)

Topic: AcquiaDrupal

I'm happy to share news that Amazon has joined the Acquia family as our newest investor. This investment builds on the recent $50 million financing round that Acquia completed in May, which was led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA).

Acquia is the largest provider of Drupal infrastructure in the world. We run on more than 8,000 AWS instances and serve more than 27 billion hits a month or 333 TB of bandwidth a month. Working with AWS has been an invaluable part of our success story, and today's investment will further solidify our collaboration.

We did not disclose the amount of the investment in today's news announcement.

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Attack of the PHP clones: Drupal, HHVM, and Vagrant

Drupal Fire - Tue, 08/12/2014 - 08:20

Metal Toad Media (via DrupalFire)

For those wanting to give it a spin, Metal Toad has added HHVM support to our Vagrant box: github.com/metaltoad/trevor.

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Cool Free Responsive HTML5 Templates

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Tue, 08/12/2014 - 01:08

HTML5 is the most trendy language revolving amongst developer community and different HTML5 resources and tools are developed to support developers & designer for getting preferred results. Today we are presenting Free Responsive HTML5 Templates, these templates are amazingly customizable and give a premium impression so you can create captivating & visually dazzling websites.

Responsive HTML5 Templates have extensive customization options set type & grids too. The template features 21 type themes along with 29 color themes created to provide almost 500 awesome design combinations. Every theme is fussily handcrafted with attention paid to the least typographic details. It wraps up different shape variations and supportive, efficient background textures that are included permits for a nearly eternal connectivity of design styles, no two Grids & Type websites will look great.

Today we are pleased to bring Cool Free Responsive HTML5 Templates; this is the trendy style and resides in all developers work. So if you want to transform your working style then below listed Cool Free Responsive HTML5 Templates are best for you. So unfold the collection of high quality free responsive html5 templates for your web projects. I hope you will Enjoy as per your desire!!










Sed Magna

Biz Name

Big Picture









Strongly Typed

Escape Velocity




Type & Grids

Escase Velocity

Burn Studio



Hexa a Flat Portfolio Bootstrap Responsive Web Template


Tamarillo template

Nature template

concept template

smoothy template

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Help me write my DrupalCon Amsterdam keynote

Drupal Fire - Mon, 08/11/2014 - 20:56

Dries Buytaert (via DrupalFire)

Topic: DrupalDrupalCon

For my DrupalCon Amsterdam keynote, I want to try something slightly different. Instead of coming up with the talk track myself, I want to "crowdsource" it. In other words, I want the wider Drupal community to have direct input on the content of the keynote. I feel this will provide a great opportunity to surface questions and ideas from the people who make Drupal what it is.

In the past, I've done traditional surveys to get input for my keynote and I've also done keynotes that were Q&A from beginning to end. This time, I'd like to try something in between.

I'd love your help to identify the topics of interests (e.g. scaling our community, future of the web, information about Drupal's competitors, "headless" Drupal, the Drupal Association, the business of Open Source, sustaining core development, etc). You can make your suggestions in the comments of this blog post or on Twitter (tag them with @Dries and #driesnote). I'll handpick some topics from all the suggestions, largely based on popularity but also based on how important and meaty I think the topic is.

Then, in the lead-up to the event, I'll create discussion opportunities on some or all of the topics so we can dive deeper on them together, and surface various opinions and ideas. The result of those deeper conversations will form the basis of my DrupalCon Amsterdam keynote.

So what would you like me to talk about? Suggest your topics in the comments of this blog post or on Twitter by tagging your suggestions with #driesnote and/or @Dries. Thank you!

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Curating Best Redesigned Packaging

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Sat, 08/09/2014 - 04:27

With many products are available in the market, but the packaging is important among them. Packaging is something we are barraged with on a regular basis. So making an impulsive & eye catchy packaging design  which can be produced for the years benefit is a huge challenge, especially with eras in industrial design now asking for best redesigned packaging. Now more than ever-best packaging designs has importance. The listed design shows the direction in which several industries have been emphasizing upon Curating best Redesigned Packaging for years to come.

The packaging needs to be visible with details that helps users to choose the bulb that is suitable for lighting needs. The label must be enough brightening, emphasize upon lumens in spite of watts. Users compile all features comprising the traditional package style & also focus upon the future style and create a one that is centered by users. Though redesigning is not easy as it seems but you can generate profits by following few steps.

Moreover connecting changing labels one needs to redesign all products itself that is made of plastics, metal and others things. These are initially manufactured from different processes and usually are easy to renew. So have a look upon the Curating Redesigned Packaging!


LA PIPA / Bubbles

Negra Modelo Redesign

Philly Cheesesteak

SafeSkin Kids sports wrap


Kiva Confections

The Chocolate Fish Re-branding

Whey Drink


Redesigned Packaging for Goya Almonds


Yoyo – Freeky Fries – Branding & Packaging

MENS EXPERT – Packaging

Kabuki Models Package Redesign

Post-it® Package Redesign

Podium (Redesigned)

Iz Sychiovki

CLEAR (Redesigned)

Kotex (Redesigned)

Hubbards Bran Cereal (Redesigned)

Flora (Redesigned)

Ji Xiang Canned Products (Redesigned)

Crumbs (Redesigned)

Lick Frozen Yogurt (Redesigned)

Hubbards Kids Cereals











Blue Q


Pour Te

Sylvania Halogen Light Bulbs

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Keeping Up with Drupal News

Drupal Fire - Fri, 08/08/2014 - 15:38

Lullabot (via DrupalFire)

This week the podcast gets a little bit meta by discussing how to find Drupal news. Addison Berry is joined by three different community news sources: Mike Anello of DrupalEasy podcast, Bob Kepford of The Weekly Drop newsletter, and Chris Weber from Drupal and Coffee in the Morning hangout and the Google+ Drupal community. We discuss why following the news is important, and how we manage to keep up with it.

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Inspiring 3D Logo Designs

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Fri, 08/08/2014 - 05:44

Design is interlinked with different areas; this is same as having different branches but its major connections are with the website design and its maintenance and groom up its identity with proper logo design. Whenever we think about top rotating brands the first thing clicks to mind is its way to recognize a tag or a logo.

Users now have great attention towards 3D Logo Designs as this is considered as the most essential factor of any personal brand and the most complicated part of executing. Create a Logo design that is appropriate, smoothly attractive and highlights company’s credibility. Apart this logotype needs to be alternate with the product or company it represents and go through with peoples minds as a selling agent.

A natural amateurish logo design has ability to make users business more impressive and reduce the chances of its failure. We are helping you to create 3D Logo Designing Ideas for more amazing brand identity one needs to be choosy and careful choosing of your business. Today I am going to present most stunning 3D Logo Designing Ideas to give users a head beginning when they start pondering when it comes to create 3D Logo Designing ideas for business support.

M logo

Unique V2

Element Zero, v.3.

Moving shop

Qhubed (Cubed)


Super Construction – Trusted to deliver

Langma Kreasindo

Cube Software


Henry Yamin

3D Games

3D solutions

Zeee 3d



3d cinema


idea box

E-files cabinet


IT Consultancy Logo


Motive Group Packaging Co


Moreno e Andrade

The Store v3

Feirão de Imóveis Lugar Certo

Ast design

Frontline Construction


PS – mark

Pete Kunts


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Helping Free jQuery Carousel Slider Plugins

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Thu, 08/07/2014 - 04:46

Carousel Slider is now considered as must have feature for all business, any website or portfolio template. Along with fullscreen image sliders, one can observe horizontal carousel image sliders perform in the best style with any website design and executed alongside.

Sometimes sliders need to one by 3rd of any website page. Sometime its has small carousel sliders that are visible in with multiple changing effects and even with the supportive responsive layout. Carousel Slider Plugins are suitable for ecommerce websites. Most probably, it can be benefited from listed sliders as they must present different pics in the post. All the codes are absolutely free to use & one might change it as per users needs if you are already working as developer.

So lets click upon Free jQuery Carousel Slider Plugins and explore alternate examples of the best plugins introduced in this post so you can discover various options and transitions. jQuery when linked up with CSS3 & HTML5 boosts up the interest of the web page with unique inspiring effects to hold the attention of the visitor to a specific area. I Hope this will be helpful for you from all aspects and serve you as a prosperous cup of tea.



blueimp Gallery



Agile Carousel


jQuery Scrollbox

jQuery Waterwheel Carousel



jQuery lightSlider


jQuery Slideshow

jQuery Excolo Slider

jQuery Rondell


Tiny Carousel

Lemmon Slider

Devrama Image/HTML Slider


jQuery Open Carousel

Tiny Circleslider



jQuery Carousel


Easy Carousel

Radiant Scroller

a11y carousel

Background Image Carousel


jQuery Carousel with captions and thumbs


Jquery fully responsive Carousel

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Inspiring Responsive Screen MockUps for ideas

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Wed, 08/06/2014 - 03:16

Here I am going to make another set of screen mockups. Well it took me a lot of time to manage all variations. But I tried my level best some of the mockups are developed photos while other developed from sketches. I tried to deploy latest gadgets on the market and fuse them into some type of presentation.

Responsive screen mockups always play a vital role in website development. Clients have complete focus upon the impressions & hard look of these designs to make sure they are about to deliver the website which they are desiring. It indicates that mockup ideas like in a print project are related to solid sign off procedure. This process works in the best way when everyone sides the web on their desktops.

The issue with implementing this delivery procedure today is that the functions, straight mockup one use to spent in a week design indicates what the viewer will observe in just a fraction of user cases. Lets once again be honest one cant create a visual for all so they work on screen type there so they create a good concept for users through an Inspiring Responsive Screen MockUps ideas!

Apple Responsive Screen Mockups

Responsive Screen Mockups

iDevices Screen Mockups

Responsive Portfolio Website

Responsive Screen Mock-ups

iCups – 3D & Flat Mockups

Responsive Screen Mockups

Responsive Screen Mockups

Screen Monitor Display MockUp

Responsive Photoshop Mockups For 16 Modern Devices

Elegant Multi iDevices Screen Mockup

Multi Devices – Flat Responsive Web Mockups

Responsive Web Screen Mockup

iBundle – 200 Responsive Screen Mockups

Responsive Screen Mock-Up

Responsive Screen Mockup Pack

Apple Responsive Screen MockUps

Responsive Showcase Mockup Pack

Responsive Screen Mockup Pack Free PSD

Flat Apple Devices MockUp

Free Apple devices mockup

Responsive Showcase Psd

Responsive Screen Mockup Pack

23 Devices Responsive Screen Web Mockup

Multi Devices Responsive Mockups Bundle

Responsive Device Bundle

Responsive Device Screen Mock-Up Bundle

Responsive Screen Mockups

Responsive Screen Mock-Up

Responsive Screen Mock-up

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High Performance Drupal with Apache MPM Worker Threaded Server and PHP-FPM

Drupal Fire - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 23:00

2bits (via DrupalFire)

In a previous article from over 5 years ago, we advocated the use of Apache MPM Worker Threaded Server with fcgid over Apache's mod_php.
That was for serveral reasons, including faster handling of static files by Apache threaded server, and lower memory utilization since PHP is not embedded in every Apache process.
However, there were some drawbacks, mainly that APC opcache cache is not shared, and each process has to have its own copy.

read more

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Drupal 8 progress from my / MongoDB perspective: update #28

Drupal Fire - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 06:13

Károly Négyesi (via DrupalFire)

The standard mechanism for backend-aware service overrides is in and these services are already tagged. We have agreed on how to transfer data from one backend to another and my sandbox contains the first getTransferIterator implementation for config with more to follow. There's a small amendment in the works that makes the old backend available too.

More field renames are in the works. That's why I am not focusing on the MongoDB drivers just yet. Let's wait for beta. The drivers in a state where we can do some meaningful testing (which lead to making sure tests are modifiable before) and so we can make sure everything will work for us but writing the entity drivers themselves at this point is a waste of time -- let's wait for a (more) stable API. The transfer work started because MongoDB needed to solve taking over config storage and while we had it solved, there is really nothing MongoDB specific so I am pushing for core inclusion.

I didn't mention config devel in this series -- although I did previously on this blog -- I firmly believe this will be used widely and lead to a more joyous CMI experience. Reminder: everyone using CMI is what makes the Drupal on MongoDB only feasible in the first place.

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Module Monday: Linkit

Drupal Fire - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 20:00

Lullabot (via DrupalFire)

In the modern web, agressively linking to appropriate content is a boon for both sides of the equation. The linker gets to add additional context and areas of research into their article, and the linked article gets more eyeballs and interaction. However gathering and adding those links can be painful and tedious for the content editor.

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OOP developer experience: snap to grid

Drupal Fire - Sun, 08/03/2014 - 13:47

Károly Négyesi (via DrupalFire)

After writing my first Drupal 8 contrib module I have a new appreciation. Let me try to explain. It is certainly possible to write a letter on an empty sheet of paper but achieving tidy results is quite a lot easier if it's a lined sheet. In Drupal 7, the code flow in general is calling a function, getting an array, manipulating the array and passing it to another function. Pretty much anything goes. In Drupal 8, you are handed an object and the object has methods. Instead of trying to figure out which possible function are you continuing with, it is one of the methods. When passing on data, the receiving method (hopefully) has a helpful type hint which tells you what to pass in. Often even the argument name will be helpful too.

It's exactly like having a lined paper: you still need to know how to produce legible handwriting but at least you have a guide. Another apt metaphor is lining up shapes in a drawing program. Yes, it's possible by hand and there's more freedom doing it but for most it's easier to just use the snap to grid feature.

This blog post was inspired by ConfigDevelAutoImportSubscriber having a $this->configManager object. That I need a config manager I have copied from a core file doing similar things. So, I wanted to create an entity -- I already know doing that requires calling the create method of the relevant storage controller. But how do you get one? Well, ConfigManagerInterface only has 10 methods and only 1 looks even remotely relevant: getEntityManager. So now I have a EntityManagerInterface object. Look, a getStorage method.

$entity_type_id = $this->configManager->getEntityTypeIdByName($config_name);
$entity_storage = $this->configManager->getEntityManager()->getStorage($entity_type_id);
$entity = $entity_storage->create($data);

We could call this "autocomplete driven development" cos the autocomplete in your IDE pretty much drives you forward. Oh yeah: trying to develop D8 without an IDE is not something I'd recommend.

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