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Inspirational Free Word Cloud Maker Tools

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Fri, 06/06/2014 - 20:23

Users of word cloud captures the eyes and it is the most amazing place to get your readers to understand the subject in less time so easily. There are tons of softwares word cloud creator manufacturer and online applications, but you cannot check one by one to pick the best small task.

That is why they decided to list all the tools as if online word cloud generator wordle is also the most popular among them and then let you decide which one to use.

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Free Word Cloud Maker Tools wordle

Wordle word cloud generator you have java installed in your web browser and the latest version, after  www.Wordle.Net you have to start again, with beautiful words to use word cloud maker the most popular and easy to create their first word cloud graphic. The aim is to convey the message in a very short time and therefore I think the word cloud might be the best option in which more surprising is that you need not have knowledge of photo editing and no need to spend time designing image.


Tagxedo fancy web-based word cloud generator for words, it should have a look at Tagxedo Wordle for your SEO or search for an alternative to a given subject. Teachers a topic like teaching students in class will offer the best. Tagxedo word cloud can assume pre-defined shapes. Unlike Wordle, Tagxedo SD34 Lenovo is compatible with the computer.


This free tool to virtually any text to create a word cloud allows luxury. A word cloud (or tag cloud) a large amount of text is a summary of the contents and to display a very sophisticated, but easy to interpret way. Word clouds, found in a body of text that represents the most common terms with the relative frequency of each word within a cloud indicates its size.

Tag Crowd

A word cloud based on a weight associated with each word a lot of vocabulary as a visual representation of a text. In general, the frequency of the words on the page (Keyword Density) any other metric can be used, although it is used as a weight. ToCloud free download, word frequency and weight using a word cloud generator. Therefore, an index created from the word cloud page is optimized for certain keywords, how to provide a quick understanding. ToCloud is smart enough to extract the phrases and other word clouds generators work better than most. The word cloud of a blog, news site, on topics you a quick idea of what is being discussed supply.


Tagul.com visual images are made up of words from various sources . The words that can enjoy the sound of a lecture class website, poem, story, or even random words can be. Different images created by words and can be set up are a thing of the word of an angel “love.” The number of times a word of your choice (i.e., the more times a word is mentioned the word appears larger image) aims to determine the size of a word within the word itself is put in the cloud. Due to their word clouds are a work of art, or any other related cause, you can learn visually. Part of the fun of creating them as you want, no special skills are required, which means, as can be creative.


Abnya.com in education are very important tools . Teachers of various educational activities  for their students and kids to perform as. Generally, a word cloud is a graphical representation of the frequency of words. Mainly so often mentioned in the text are some key terms provides. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning in a popular word cloud generators reviewed, but really, how teachers can use in teaching was not in the description. This message, however, compensates for this lack of information, and help you to discover and achieve educational use word clouds to learn more about cool tools , along with a list of suggestions a series of offers.


Worditout is text into a word cloud. Features include words that appear more frequently, giving more importance. Various sources, designs and color combinations. Print gallery to save, moderate or no filter.

Word It Out

Word mosaic is a visual representation of the text. Keywords and their general relevance are shown with font size or color. Increasingly important topic of this shape is useful for determining or ideas. Browsing the web is used as a support for the term tag can attach to objects hyperlink. With online generator, looking great clouds of words easily with a click of the mouse can produce.

image chef

VocabGrabber you the most useful vocabulary words and create a list of words used in context, showing you how, are interested in any text analyzes. Simply copy text from one document, paste in the box, and then click the “Grab Vocabulary!” button. Automatically from a list of text words, which it can create VocabGrabber the layout, filter and store.

Visual Thesaurus

The size and appearance of your text clouds HTML to embed in Web pages and blog entries TagCrowd is easier to customize than ever before. Text fonts URL / web pages web hall. You many more sites now (especially Wikipedia) that will work properly.

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Useful Brainstorming Online Web Apps

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Useful Brainstorming Online Web Apps and visual diagrams are used to show the relationship between the information using the procedure. To solve problems and help attract resources to explore new ideas – all in the Best Use of project planning, collecting and organizing thoughts, brainstorming and presentations are included.

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With an intuitive interface and easy to use stormboard , brainstorming , collaborative facility was built for. Your co-operation in real time exchange ideas and to analyze changes in even a mental map will change history. Your data securely encrypted data that is stored and monitored daily for sure , mobile devices as well as online and offline you can access through the projects . Stormboard cloud -based, no software to install or upgrade there is no need to worry about.


bubbl.us have your notes, files and calendar events on the map freely by allowing you to organize ideas, a mind mapping and brainstorming tool are online. Maps are stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere as you create a private or public map and can collaborate with others.


To create a stencil can combine a variety of media, and each template color, fonts, sizes and formats by changing can be customized. A particularly interesting feature embedded in your website, your brain has the ability to map basecamp .It has been designed for all the community like teachers, professors, thinkers, speakers, bikers, musician, engineers  ,running, developers, traveler, reader etc.


Exobrain with a group of people is a powerful technique. Exobrain, solves problems and creates new ideas, encouragement and team. The major management issues and a joint task team member are set to encourage brainstorming ideas. Structured brainstorming and brainstorming should be following the rules. You need a flip chart or substitute for the brainstorming process, described below.


Zoho online business, productivity and collaboration offer a full range of applications. Customer, their business processes to run and manage their information-expensive or outdated hardware or software without worrying about, to be more productive while at the office or anywhere using Zoho applications. We pay you to sell more apps that help you get comfortable with the care and support of our customers while making your business more productive with Zoho, you focus on your business.


Mind42, complex information management, organization and brainstorming, thinking to clear open mind is a useful mapping tool. Submit your ideas and important information to help identify the logical structure of a craft, patterns, relationships, preferences and trends can  discover.


Mindmeister with your views and share and collaborate with others to create beautiful notes or mind maps can. Drag and drop your images to your diagrams left, keeping track of all the problems within each project. Its color custom view history of changes, PNG or PDF format to export your projects to private Links shared publicly make. Social media can and can include clickable links. Mindmeister Markdown supports and works perfectly on mobile devices.


Every day, thousands of companies around the world manage projects and approaches, even the most complex projects to help make it easier to get the powerful attraction prodecteev need to keep track of Flow up.


Wisemapping create by the visually perfect for brainstorming ideas and that is a mind-mapping tool. Your ideas visually, inspiration and ideas to be, and text, videos, upload photos, and can draw on the canvas.


Redbooth is an online mind-mapping tool and exchange of ideas.  It uses free-form maps and associated notes, files, calendar events, by allowing you to organize ideas. Online you can collaborate and share those maps!


Spiderscribe is an essential part of any creative process – most of us use that while working on the strategy. Spiderscribe brings brainstorming for the new level. Endless Canvas zooms where you can add not only simple text but also fill it with images, videos, models the entire team gets involved and increases creativity. Their brainstorming sessions can start from scratch or with a template – all depends on your goals, time and imagination.


We have a better way to organize your business and have created because Teamwork.com software was either too basic or too confusing present. Asana.com reduce unnecessary meetings and organize things so that you can be is a simple software. Using Teamwork.com team, will be held will affect your clients and your business will take off.


The world’s largest online meeting services are one! Easily businesses, organizations and individuals Group video up to 250 participants can connect with people face to face. In the video, we recommend 20 to 25 people. Join. me video conferencing users, the market itself has cleared.


Yammer people to a place, conversations, content and business data that bring a private social network. With Yammer, you can easily, you can stay connected with colleagues and information team members to work together and make an impact. Yammer easily through a web browser or mobile device can be accessed as anywhere, anytime, connect and collaborate with their peers can.

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State of Drupal presentation (June 2014)

Drupal Fire - Thu, 06/05/2014 - 06:00

Dries Buytaert (via DrupalFire)

Topic: DrupalDrupalConState of Drupal

I gave my traditional State of Drupal presentation this week at DrupalCon Austin. You can watch the recording of my keynote if you are interested in learning about my vision for the future of the web, the challenges and opportunities ahead of us, how Drupal fits into that. In good tradition, you can also download a copy of my slides (PDF, 120 MB).

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Google Panda 4.0 – Affected Websites vs Successful Websites

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Wed, 06/04/2014 - 20:46

The internet is a buzz with major search engine Google recently released an algorithm update, Panda 4.0, Google’s recently announced algorithm change has businesses, webmasters and market owners alike jumbling to understand how this is influencing their existing websites as well as SEO efforts.

Panda is actually a quality algorithm was first released in 2011 that is created to reward websites with great quality content and bring down sites with low quality content. It affected sites with low quality content, this also affect the traffic as well. Panda 4.0 has been given the “4.0” designation that tells users that this is a very much important update that the most recent panda updates.

Like many Google updates that happened in the last days, Panda 4.0 focuses upon high-quality websites as well as content. However, what does it actually means and how smaller and local businesses gets assurance their websites are up to par so they can move on to stay visible on Search Engines and generate better search traffic? There are two key things on which Google Panda 4.0 update emphasizes and how to enjoy the benefits from them for your business.

Panda Gives Priority upon the Fresh Quality Content

The original Panda Algorithm was released focusing upon the low quality content websites with copies or frayed content didn’t fare well in the search results. Google Panda is now giving top priority on it. This update, more than just an elegant, simple refresher, moreover focuses the requirement for frequent post of contents on the website and not just daily changing users product pages.

If you don’t have proper planning in place for regular publishing or quality content then consider it now as this is very much important. If you are running a website then you must have a blog that permits you to post content, while even a well-designed blog will not support your site if you are not engaged with it regularly. So focus to a process of posting, generating and sharing new content on a daily basis. On the other hand, you must be sure the posted content is unique, to the point and stands out to both search engines and consumers why?

Panda 4.0 focuses upon the great content that has good quality and unique as well. It means if you are planning for duplicating or copying content from competitors or other sources, posting low quality, not generating other un-engaging content will not be useful for you. You need to rethink your SEO approach. Prefer to set aside every week to develop content, relevant content like how to videos, lists, articles and more concerned with your business and post them to business blog on your website. If you don’t have sufficient time for content/blog writing then must you need to look for some solution that can provide for you.

Modern Websites Matter to Google- What do you Think?

As the content you publish is a massive part that enhances the worth of quality website?  There are many factors one needs to consider, when someone thinks about trendy SEO’s, quality indicators to all user experience like having an initial website structure, stylish mobile optimized site, navigation, user content as well as meta data that can leave an inspiring impact. This also lets users how effectively the site is getting indexed by search engines and discovered by the target audience.

If your website is designed already in best manner using these all factors then you don’t have to be worried. But many small business websites don’t have intuition, trendy user experience, innately making it complicated for their sites to boost visits from Google search. Additionally, they mostly consist upon website content as well as metadata that has enriched keywords that can’t affect them both in search results and user satisfaction as well.

If you think your site structure or experience has been outdated, this may indicate that this is time for a new website experience for your small business, so one can make sure you are fulfilling Google’s recommendations regardless of the Panda 4.0 update. This is also time to observe sites metadata and your on-page content as well. So always focus to use general language with readers, avoid for keywords stuffing and make website general to avoid penalized.

What It All Means to Your Business

By supporting move low-quality websites down in search results, the Google panda 4.0 can update, this can work in favor of local businesses not in their opposition. This is because this move will return those that are really boosting themselves to be a real name of quality, beneficial resource to customers.

So ask yourself, what is the status of your website is it helping or hurting your SEO? What is the rating of your current performance? Now this is the time to invest on a regular basis, good quality content that has ability to make your business an asset to local customers that will support to drive more viewers from organic search results to the website.

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A method for giving credit to organizations that contribute code to Open Source

Drupal Fire - Wed, 06/04/2014 - 19:46

Dries Buytaert (via DrupalFire)

Topic: Drupal

If we want to encourage more organizations to contribute to Drupal and hire core developers, we should start to give them credit for their contributions. I'd love to see us maintain a page on Drupal.org that shows which companies contribute to Drupal and in what capacity. This credit provides these organizations a tangible benefit in recruiting developers, demonstrating their expertise, and more. Credit is a powerful motivator for individuals, but also for businesses. It is a form of trust currency.

It is great that we give individual contributors credit for their contributions, and we should continue to do so. However, I'd like to extend that to organizations, both to the Drupal agencies as well as their customers. Mapping out how contributions get funded can be great for individuals, customers and digital agencies.

A great way to start doing this, is to adopt a new format for Git commit messages. I'd like to propose the following format:

$ git commit -am "Issue #n by INDIVIDUAL@AGENCY*CUSTOMER: message."

We prefix agencies with @ and customers with *. I believe this provides us the necessary flexibility. We could choose to store this in Git Notes, if we prefer, but that is not the main point.

Contributed a feature as an individual consultant directly for a customer or end-user:

$ git commit -am "Issue #n by INDIVIDUAL*CUSTOMER: message."

Contributed something in your spare time and don't want to give credit to your employer:

$ git commit -am "Issue #n by INDIVIDUAL: message."

Let's put it all together with a real example. Imagine Sam, Megan and Tim collaborated on fixing a performance bug. Sam helped in the "20% time" provided by her employer Acquia, Megan helped in her spare time after work, and Tim worked on this on behalf of his employer, Pfizer, who is affected by this bug. Ideally, the commit message would look like this:

$ git commit -am "Issue #42 by Sam@Acquia, Megan, Tim*Pfizer: fixed performance bug."

The great thing about this approach is that we can adopt it today and worry about analyzing the data later. It also works regardless of where your Drupal code is hosted (Drupal.org, GitHub, etc) or what your source code management system of choice is (Git, SVN, etc). In fact, I believe all Open Source projects would benefit from this level of transparency and that giving credit directly into the commit message makes it very transferable.

If adopted, we'll want to build tools to help us create these commit messages (i.e. have contributors provide proper attribution in a new project issue field so the maintainers/committers don't have to manually create it).

With this level of transparency, we can start to study how our ecosystem actually works; we can see which companies contribute back code and how much, we can see how much of the Drupal project is volunteer driven, we can better identify potential conflicts of interest, and more. But most of all, we can provide credit where credit is due and provide meaningful incentives for organizations to contribute back to Drupal. I believe this could provide a really important step in making Drupal core development more scalable.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about us giving organizations credit.

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They have their own twist on English

Drupal Fire - Wed, 06/04/2014 - 15:38

David Norman (via DrupalFire)

Alluding to the fact that South Africa has their own twist on the English language.

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We should stop hiring women

Drupal Fire - Wed, 06/04/2014 - 15:25

David Norman (via DrupalFire)

Just a joke - about how emotional a female project manager can get when worked up by a salesperson.

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This is business. You're clearly not a business, so you wouldn't understand.

Drupal Fire - Wed, 06/04/2014 - 14:59

David Norman (via DrupalFire)

Hiring people from universities.

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50 Awe Inspiring Summer T-Shirt Designs with Hot Ideas

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Wed, 06/04/2014 - 03:19

People wish to wear cool style dresses during hot summer. As the season changes multiple creative designs are introduced by designers and people feel comfortable wearing of T-Shirts. They love the design that is created on shirts like some avatar, some cartoon or a natural image. To give designers more inspiration and to boost up a flare of real creativity I have added Awe Inspiring Summer T-Shirt Designs with Hot Ideas. Each design will evoke a stream of entertainment for designers, I hope you will like. On this list, you will get an idea for 50 Awe Inspiring Summer T-Shirt Designs.

These ideas are really hot that unfolds idea for color, style, design and size as well. Therefore, have a look on these and make this summer more hotty with Inspirational T-Shirt Summer Designs. The designers will enjoy it while sketching designs on shirts.

If you want to change your look in terms of dresses then must you need to be choosy for designs and colors. Always focus upon latest trendy design that can highlight your image in the society. So check the list of Creative Summer T-Shirt Designs that will generate hot ideas from users.

Restaurant Tshirt Pack V1

Excavator T-Shirts

Bad Wolf

The Night Songs

Freedom or Death T-shirt 2

Music Event T-Shirt

Chess Sport Tournament, Team & Club T-Shirts

2 Rifle Club T-Shirt Design

Grunge Racing car T-Shirt Design

Don’t Touch My Koguma

Vintage Motorcycles KIT


I Love my MOTORCYCLE 2 T-Shirt

Vintage Retro T-shirt

2 Life Freedom T-Shirt

2 Weapon T-Shirt

Chess King Illustration T-Shirt

Racing Team T-Shirts

Sheepdog T-shirt

4 Photography T-Shirt

2 Grunge T-Shirt

Soccer Team Tshirt

4 Fly T-Shirt

Basketball Team Tshirt

Gangsters T-Shirt

Baseball Team Tshirt

iCotees – Tshirt with Icon Graphics

6 Sports T-Shirt

American Vintage T-Shirt

Awesome T-Shirt Starter Bundle


Modern Vintage T-Shirt Bundle 02

Bio Hazard

Modern Vintage T-Shirt 06


Techno Original T-Shirts

Vintage Premium T-shirt

Modern Vintage T-Shirt 05

Modern Vintage T-Shirt Bundle 01

Premium Sports Clubs T-Shirt Templates v9

Modern Vintage T-Shirt 04

Custom Hunting Club T-Shirt Design

Lighthouse T-Shirt

Sailing Quote T-shirt Design

Summertime Beach T-Shirt

Moto X Team T-Shirt Template

Modern Vintage T-Shirt 01

Dragon T-Shirt

Western Cross Distressed T-shirt Design

Agressive Fight Club T-shirt with Blood Splatter

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Acquia acquired TruCentric

Drupal Fire - Tue, 06/03/2014 - 18:17

Dries Buytaert (via DrupalFire)

Topic: DrupalAcquiaBusiness

We’re excited to announce that Acquia acquired TruCentric, a software-as-a-service company that is focused on providing personalization for websites. Earlier this year we launched Acquia Lift, which brings testing and personalization capabilities to Drupal sites. With TruCentric, we acquired not only a great complementary product that we will integrate with Acquia Lift, we also gained a great team with a long history and strong leadership in marketing automation technologies.

TruCentric uses real-time and historical data to build a deep understanding of both anonymous and authenticated visitors. Every action that a visitor takes and every piece content that they look at continuously updates this profile. TruCentric can infer a visitor's persona, interests, preferred content, and level of engagement as well as site-specific characteristics such as favorite team (for example on a sports destination), favorite products (such as on an e-commerce site), or favorite activities (for example on a travel site). This data can be married with existing customer and audience data, and tied together across multiple online destinations. Profiles can also be connected together across the different devices that a visitor uses.

Paired together with Acquia Lift, the joint solution will provide a powerful level of understanding about a website's visitors resulting in much more effective testing and targeting. Additionally, the solution will incorporate TruCentric's content recommendation and marketing offer capabilities. Content recommendations suggest and promote links to content that are most likely to interest a user, increasing engagement and time on site. Marketing offers enable the most relevant promotions, sign-ups and other types of calls-to-action to be selectively shown to site visitors, increasing conversions. Both offers and recommendations can be easily configured by site builders or marketers by selecting from a variety of rules, algorithms and filtering criteria.

Longer term, I'm particularly excited about the impact of Acquia Lift (with TruCentric) on e-commerce. Many brands and corporations today offer fragmented and poorly integrated shopping experiences that confuse the customer, are difficult to manage, and ultimately, leave money on the table. Top e-commerce brands have proven that content-rich product stories with the deep personalization and seamless e-commerce integration increase conversion rates significantly. We believe that building a software platform that uses the world’s best personalization practices in combination with the best possible content management capabilities presents us with a really big opportunity.

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Inspiring Polygon Graphics Ideas that nourish design inspirations

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Tue, 06/03/2014 - 00:39

There are different ways to draw polygons. All have multiple uses; some are quick while some are slow. The most famous technique used in especially every game, awesome graphics package, rendering game that manages polygons and also known as scan converting. This technique uses just integer techniques, deploys just a little portion of memory and very easy and simple to understand. The algorithm can be selected to manage gourad shaded, flat, bump mapped and flat style polygons.

In 3D computer graphics, polygon modeling is an access for rotating modeling objects by highlighting or approximating their surfaces using polygons. The below I have  collected Inspiring Polygon Graphics Ideas that nourish design inspirations, no doubt polygon modeling is greatly fit for skyline rendering. This is also a method of choice for realistic computer graphics.

The substitute methods of showing 3D projects wraps up equation based representations, subdivision surfaces and NURBS surfaces deploys in ray tracers. Lets check out for polygon mesh for details how polygonal models are occupied and represented. Here I will learn you how to create interesting pen objects and graphics to sketch out ellipse, text, rectangle and circle. So check out this list of nourish design inspiration catalogue that includes Creative Polygon Graphics Ideas.

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Panda polygon mosaic graphic

Polygon Deer

Lost Island (Low Poly) 2

Breaking Bad (Low Poly

Self-Portrait | Polygonal Art

Low Poly Landscape

Lost Island (Low Poly) 3

deer in autumn forest

Polygon Langscape

Old church

Polygon Scenery

Polygon Scenery Art

Low Poly Tree

The Hulk – Polygon Pixel


Iron Man – Polygon Pixel

Polygon Joaquin Phoenix


Apple Polygon Art

Heisenberg – Polygon Pixel

Polygonal Vector Apple


Free Polygonal / Low Poly Background Textures

12 Polygonal Backgrounds

Hughes Gives Back




Happy Dribble Valentines Day

Polygon Portrait 03

Polygon Portrait Alpha

Katy Perry met polygons



Greatest Filipino Artist | Polygonal Portrait

Polygon Rizal | VECTOR

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Drupalcon Austin and the Drupal Association

Drupal Fire - Sat, 05/31/2014 - 23:00

Matthew Saunders (via DrupalFire)

I was musing yesterday morning while heading to the airport that I've been attending Drupalcons since 2007. Seven years. When I entered into the Drupal community back then, I had no real idea that this would become the focus of how I chose to make my living. I had no idea that, mostly, twice a year I would join with other like minded people. I didn't know that I would find myself in a leadership position in the community. I didn't know that I'd end up helping lead companies. What I did know was that I was working with a software project that made it easier for me to do my job.

drupaldrupalconaustindrupal association

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Announcing Lullabot's 6th Annual DrupalCon Party

Drupal Fire - Sat, 05/31/2014 - 04:47

Lullabot (via DrupalFire)

Oh the irony! We've been spending so much time planning our DrupalCon party that we've forgotten to officially announce it. Here's the details:

Lullabot's DrupalCon Party 2014
Wednesday, June 4th
121 East 5th St (at Brazos St)
Austin, TX
7pm 'til whenever
(just 3 blocks from DrupalCon)

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Useful Mega Menu Examples for smart web developers

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Fri, 05/30/2014 - 23:10

As this is a common rule, most developers, especially usability, one must consider this a bad practice to use mega menu examples, as they are confusing, irritating, annoying and sometimes dysfunctional. From an exclusive design, standpoint, the useful Mega Menu Examples for smart web developers evokes excellent features. This list of mega menus will be the best choice for smart web developers.

You may also like web development stuff:


UberMenu may be an easy, extremely customizable, responsive Mega Menu WordPress plug-in. It works out of the box with the WordPress three Menu System, creating it straightforward to urge started however powerful enough to make extremely custom-made and artistic mega menu configurations. Now very responsive! Enhanced CSS,Lighter weight, a lot of economical JavaScript,iPhone & iPad compatible, Full-width computer menu possibility with ability to outline the quantity of columns.

jQuery Mega Menu

Mega Menus see change posture menus that contain multiple columns of links. This jQuery script enables you to add a mega menu to any anchor link on your page, with every menu disclosed employing a sleek increasing animation. Customize the animation period and delay before menu disappears once the mouse rolls out of the anchor. Mega cool!

Yamm3 – Mega Menu for Bootstrap 3

This is Yamm3 another mega menu for Bootstrap three from Twitter. Light-weight and a pure CSS mega menu that uses the quality number markup and therefore the fluid grid system categories from Bootstrap three. Work for mounting and responsive layout and has the ability to incorporate (almost) any Bootstrap parts.

Using lightweight and mega menu. Pure CSS markup standard navigation bar and Bootstrap 3. Working for fixed and sensitive design and has the facility to include (almost) all startup items. By default, all mega-dropdown content size will be able to use to add. Yamm-fw a. Deployable to expand full width.If necessary, this code will prevent unexpected shutdown menu using some components (like the accordion, forms, etc.)

DD Mega Menu

Often used in e-commerce or giant scale websites, mega menus have become a lot of and a lot of widespread, as they provide a good resolution to displaying lots of content whereas keeping a clean layout. During this tutorial, this will find out how to make a cross-browser, awe-inspiring CSS-only drop-down mega menu, and mistreatment nice CSS3 options.

UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

UberMenu could be an easy, extremely customizable, responsive Mega Menu WordPress plug-in. It works out of the box with the WordPress 3 Menu System, creating it easy to induce started however powerful enough to form extremely custom and inventive mega menu configurations. This Plug-in is an easy to use and very flexible sticky menu. It is able to use it on top of any topic as an additional menu to provide additional content for your visitors or customers.

User Profiles Made Easy v2.0.3 – WordPress Plug-in Made Easy is a listing of all front-end functions, login and registration plug-in for WordPress. It is easy to use, fully responsive and works with any theme. With this plug-in you can stop sending users to the back end profile pages, registration and ugly income, and instead of giving its users an experience of front-end seamless on pages that match the rest your website.

FH Mega Menu – jQuery Bootstrap 3 Mega Menu Plugin

The FH Mega Menu could be a jQuery primarily based Bootstrap three.0+ mega menu plug-in compatible with all mobile devices and fashionable net browsers.


100% Responsive Layout style,100% Twitter Bootstrap three.0+ Based, Unlimited Color Schemes,3 simple Step to Installation to any net comes, Detailed Documentation for “How to”, Flexible and 100% Bootstrap Columns Grid, Font impressive Icons enclosed, Responsive Video and Google Map Integrated (Fitdivjs)

Universal Responsive Mega Menu

Everyone is aware of that Universal Responsive Mega the world’s largest freelance web site dedicated to news, info, technology and resources for the connected generation. Currently it is getting to justify you concerning the way to produce mash able vogue dynamic drop menu mistreatment Php, Mysql & jQuery Ajax.In universal, ready to} able to see all posts from the class from their header drop menu.

Mega Main Menu – WordPress Menu Plugin

Mega Main Menu – WordPress Menu Plug-in could be a menu part primarily based in CSS and JavaScript code. It may be used sort of a dropdown navigation, mega menu navigation or each. It has includes a responsive and fluid layout.Features:14 Styles, Responsive, Collapsible,Javascript/CSS effects, Grid system, Cross browser, Easy to use.

CSS3 Flat Mega Menu

Just another jQuery plug-in for making a multi-column mega menu with straightforward flat vogue and sleek change posture sloppy effects. it has 100% Responsive mega menu, Pure CSS3 no JavaScript used,CSS3 Animations used for effects, Font amazing icons,5,Preset color schemes, Clean flat style,Multi-column content,Fullwidth dropdown

Supernav- CSS3 Responsive Mega Menu

Pure CSS3 No pictures used CSS Animations HTML5 &; CSS3 Valid 100 p.c extremely Responsive Mega Menu Total fifteen Predefined color schemes Up to 6 columns Clean style and code Well commented and documented terribly versatile and straightforward to use Works on all major browsers

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Web Services

Drupal Fire - Fri, 05/30/2014 - 21:45

Lullabot (via DrupalFire)

Web services, APIs, structured data. These things are all the rage right now and with good reason. As more and more internet enabled devices start wanting to make use of the data in our websites we need to give them some way to interact with that data that isn't point and click in a browser. Lucky for us Drupal users the Services module for Drupal makes this a pretty straightforward task.

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MSNBC Video and DrupalCon Case Study

Drupal Fire - Fri, 05/30/2014 - 03:28

Lullabot (via DrupalFire)

In the past 8 years, we've had the privilege of working on some amazing high-profile projects. We helped extend the reach of Drupal, building some of the earliest household name Drupal websites including projects for MTV, Sony Music, FastCompany, WWE, Martha Stewart, Harvard University, and many more. Late in 2012 we were approached about what would become one of the most ambitious projects we've ever launched.

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40 Fresh and Cool Keynote Templates

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Thu, 05/29/2014 - 22:08

If you are planning to create seamlessly well-integrated slides, then keynote proffers elegant edge over related presentation software. Apple keynote comes in huge bundles wrapping Apple iwork suites. This comes with a massive amount of template bundled rather for more creative and bumping minds one needs to see elsewhere to download more excellent keynote themes.

One can easily create some inspiring keynote presentations without spending an arm and a leg on any template or theme? You have no need to look further as I have assorted a wide list of very beneficial and inspiring templates so you can easily and simply create your presentation and fulfill your business requirement as per your wish.

From last some days Apple Keynote templates are getting more and more famous because they are fresh and cool as a prototyping and wireframing tool. This unfolds different features like grouping, styling, slide masters, animation and hyperlinks make it best for crafting inspiring UI narratives and prototypes. So to give your dreams a support we have presented a collection of Fresh and Cool Keynote Templates. Disclose it one by one and enhance your experience in the best mood to develop your business strategy.

HexaPro Creative Keynote Template

Business Multipurpose Keynote

Online Marketing Keynote Template

Business Vision – Keynote Template

MagicBow Crative Keynote Presentation Templates

FireBox Creative Keynote Presentation Template

Sociable Keynote Template

Flying Colors Keynote Template

Cherry Soda Keynote Template

Nero Keynote Multipurpose Template

Lunar Keynote Presentation Template

Se7en Keynote Template

Q-Note Keynote Template

Magical Touch – Keynote Template

Offset Keynote Presentation Template


QueenBee Creative Keynote Presentation

5-in-1 Keynote Presentation Bundle


Four Seasons

Mojave AG

KeyStation Echo

Love Valentine’s Day Keynote Theme

Trendy Eclectic Keynote Theme





Platform ’09

Free Ripe berries Keynote themes

Blue Lightning Free Keynote themes

Sociology behavior of people Free Keynote Themes

Earth Free Keynote templates

Planning Free Keynote Template

Ancient Landmarks Free Keynote templates

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30 Download Free Geometric Polygon Backgrounds an Inspiring Dose

Tutorial Lounge Articles - Wed, 05/28/2014 - 21:40

Polygon backgrounds are amazing style of graphic design or web design that has variety of backgrounds @150 dpi RGB format. Know the users need we have presented Free Geometric Polygon Backgrounds.

Geometric polygon backgrounds are now becoming very popular resources for all types of print and web projects. They are good for satisfying the background of leaflets and websites, either add up a spatter of color to flyer and stationery prints. For many days I had been busy in collection of Inspiring Free Geometric Polygon background, every single has low-poly patterns and attractive color schemes for users to download it free.  They all are 3000x2000px at 300ppi making them large enough for both web designs and prints too.

This free collection of polygon backgrounds consists upon 30 great high-resolution graphics made-up of colorful poly styles and shapes. They are best and suitable for filling out areas with stunning vibrant geometric patterns, making them outstanding for headers, advertisements, wallpapers, flyers or even as a background to showcase your portfolio work. So experience this list of Free Geometric Polygon Backgrounds that will be an inspiring dose for you. Enjoy this stream of entertainment!

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25 Free Colorful Polygon Backgrounds

50 Free Tessellated Designs

Free Polygon Backgrounds :V2

Free Polygonal / Low Poly Background Texture

Free Polygonal / Low Poly Background Texture

Stock photo: Polygonal / Low Poly Background Texture 5

Abstract Polygon Background Vector

Free Polygonal



5 Premium FREE Polygon Backgrounds

Low Poly Texture 2

Geometric High Definition Backgrounds Set

7 HD Polygon Backgrounds

Seamless Polygon Backgrounds Vol.2

5 Seamless Polygon Backgrounds

Polygon Bg

Triangle modern free background

abstract bright background vector illustration

10 Free Geometric Backgrounds Vol 2

10 Free Geometric Backgrounds

10 Free Geometric Backgrounds

100 Geometric Polygon Backgrounds

Abstract polygon background, vector

Polygonal vector background Modern geometric pattern


12+ Free Polygon Backgrounds

Geometric Polygonal Vector Background 2

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Lullabot's Latest Mobile App: Shoot

Drupal Fire - Wed, 05/28/2014 - 01:39

Lullabot (via DrupalFire)

I go to a lot of conferences and events. Even before I started attending DrupalCons and camps 8 years ago, I filled my year with SXSW, An Event Apart, and many other web and music conferences. As so much of our lives move online, these in-person get-togethers are really important. They're a really great way to see old friends and meet new people. They're also the source of most of the business cards in my life.

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