How To Install CPANM in CentOS Linux

The easiest way to install Perl CPAN packages without the hassles of answering "yes" or "no" questions is to use the cpanm script developed by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa.

Installing Perl CPANM program

Run the following command and it will install itself for you. You might want to run it as a root with sudo if you want to install to places like /usr/local/bin.

# curl -L | perl - --self-upgrade

If you don't have curl but wget, replace `curl -L` with `wget -O -`.

For more details about this program, visit

How To Use CPANM

CPANM is very easy to use, just run the following:

# cpanm <Package Name>

For example, you want to install Perl Catalyst::Engine::Apache package just run this command and all required dependencies will be installed automatically for you:

How To Check Available Packages that can be installed in CentOS

This command will list available Python packages that can be installed:

# yum list available | grep python

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